Tenerife Canary Islands Tenerife for sale

Traditional, exclusive and historical building for sale in La Orotava, Santa Cruz de Tenerife.

Old building of Canarian urban style located in the historical center of the town of La Orotava, which was rehabilitated in the year 2000, with the objective to lodge a Museum of Spanish Popular Ceramics and for that reason it was structured in ample exhibition halls for the collection of ceramics, on the other hand, also exist within the building more small spaces, in agreement with the use for other uses.

Nowadays the property can be used to locate businesses and diverse activities, like a civic center, conference rooms, cinema forum, cultural center, etc.
The property has three floors, a terrace and two interior courtyards completely glazed.

Technical data

As can be seen in the photographs, the original architectural structure was respected and in some points it was improved since the state in which the house was in at the time of its acquisition was not a reflection of the original architecture, having gone through various uses.

The 80m2 basement can be used as a parking lot because it was originally a parking lot with a garage entrance.

The first floor has two large covered patios, a large living room and different rooms, as well as bathrooms and a pre-installation for the possible location of an elevator to access the second floor of the house.

The second floor is distributed in several large living rooms joined by wide corridors, with access to the inner patios, surrounded by very luminous windows. The floors are made of original tea wood. The ceilings have been reformed and are made of wood with a waterproof PVC cover and Canary Islands tiles. From this floor you can access the roof terrace, where the drinking water tank is located.

The house has 1.192 m2 and is in very good condition. Taking into account the market price per square meter in the area where it is located, the value of this property would be 1.200.000 Euros, but at the moment the sale price is only 650.000 Euros, which seems to be an affordable price for the conditions of this building and the possibilities it offers to establish any kind of business.


The name of this municipality located in the north of Tenerife and which also occupies part of the center of the island, comes from the name that the Guanches gave to this area, “Arautava” or “Arautapala”. It is the largest municipality on the island, with 207.31 km2, and the one with the largest forest area: Approximately 78% of the Teide National Park is part of the municipality of La Orotava. The historic center of the municipality is located at 390 meters of altitude and was declared a Historic-Artistic Site in 1976. Its streets are dotted with buildings of great heritage interest and corners of great importance for the municipality, including the European University of Canary Islands. The Orotava Valley has always been characterized by its impressive landscape crowned by Mount Teide, for its abundance of waters, its beautiful gardens and its pleasant climate. However, it has numerous protected natural areas, as part of the Teide National Park and the Corona Forestal Natural Park, the Pinoleris Natural Reserve and the La Resbala Protected Landscape.
The typical balconies that adorn the facades of its traditional houses, the carpets of flowers and volcanic earth that are made every year in La Orotava during the Corpus Christi celebrations, and its traditional Holy Week, which has been celebrated since the century XVII.

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