Villa Banos y Mendingo Murcia Banos y Mendingo for sale

In Altaona, the houses are inspired by the surrounding landscape and blend into nature thanks to the terraces and large windows. Water and light, elements
essential to all life, flow through these houses. The houses and their inhabitants are always one.
There are multiple ways of enjoying life. That is why Altaona offers 4 different types of villas, which fully meet the diverse needs of the residents.
Wonderfully bright rooms with an excellent layout and an infinite view from the balcony that invites you to stay a while and providesan endless peace.
Villa Campo has a modern and minimalist design, but exudes a strong personality; large rooms, all on the same floor, create an
impressive space with optimal livability and accessibility.
Impressive sunsets from the roof terrace
The architectural profile of the roof with its simple yet expressive lines accommodates the solar panels that power the home, providing
a more reduced and sustainable energy effect. The magnificent sun terrace covers the entire roof of Villa Campo and has an area of almost 200 m2. From here you can enjoy aspectacular views over the golf course, the surrounding mountains and the infinite landscape in the distance. Beautiful sunsets on the horizon are a true spectacle for the senses from the enormous roof terrace.
Feel the vertical space 
The 195 m2 interior space of Villa Campo is located on the ground floor and offers views of the golf course pool. The high ceilings create a large vertical space full of light that offers the occupant a sense of relaxation and freedom. The sloping roof over a full-width window lets in a wide expanse of sunlight, making the room seem to open up to the sky.
The integrated kitchen in the same living space is specially designed to enjoy the view and your company while you cook.
From the living room, the central space of the house, the four surrounding bedrooms are directly accessible, each bedroom therefore having a beautiful view of the garden or the surrounding landscape. The materials used to finish the interior reflect the light, for example the impressively sized ceramic tiles, which create a majestic uninterrupted floor throughout the house.
The infinitely large windows allow the house to extend into the exterior, seamlessly blending the landscape and the interior design of each room. In short, a villa in which the design is predominant and the proportions and rooms have been thought out for the villa’s occupants; comfort is one of the pillars of its modern and refined look.

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