Villa Banos y Mendingo Murcia Banos y Mendingo for sale

In Altaona, the houses are inspired by the surrounding landscape and blend into nature thanks to the terraces and large windows. Water and light, elements
essential to all life, flow through these houses. The houses and their inhabitants are always one.
There are multiple ways of enjoying life. That is why Altaona offers 4 different types of villas, which fully meet the diverse needs of the residents.
Wonderfully bright rooms with an excellent layout and an infinite view from the balcony that invites you to stay a while and providesan endless peace.
The large spaces are designed in accordance with the occupants, comfort being as important as luxury. Each zone is designed to be experienced with all five senses. On the spacious terraces in the shade where the tinkling of the fountain resounds, you will enjoy the intoxicating outdoors.
The Olimpo villas are located directly on the golf course, which continues into the rooms and therefore seems infinite. 

Welcome to hopping your dreams come true! Enjoy Vippvi