1. Agreements: Interested in management contracts.

2. Category: Upscale and upper-upscale (4 *, 4 * superior); luxury (5 *)

3. Location: Urban and holiday:

• Urban → Prime location in the main European cities. (center of the main cities, or generators of tourism such as fairs, airports, universities, hospitals …).

• Holiday → Beachfront in the Mediterranean countries (Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, the Middle East, among others).

4. Countries:

North Africa and the Middle East: Only management contracts are not considered rental or purchase contracts in this area.

5. Number of rooms:

• Urban → minimum 100 rooms, with an area for the double standard of 24m2.
• Holiday → minimum 200-250 rooms with resort profile.

6. Duration:

We are looking for 20-30 year agreements with a mandatory 5 year fulfillment or an exit option in year 5 (we accept cap of losses or any other variant to renegotiate the contract or the exit in case the hotel does not work as expected ).


Please send the offer for this request, with a mail to info@lordinvestor.com

This service it is only for mandataries, authorized agents or owners.

Lordinvestor will require a signed authorization by the mandatary, owner or authorized agents for present to our clients.

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