The European investment group, Peakside Capital Advisors, launched a real estate fund for the German market using blockchain technology for the first time

The fund is focused on assets between € 15 and € 75 million (USD 17- USD 85 million) and is the product of a partnership with the German technology platform Brickblock funds.

Bricklock operates ScalingFunds, an investment management platform that runs on blockchain. The company tokenized the first real estate property earlier this year.

The company said in a press release that they want to use advances in digital technology to increase liquidity and transferability in the real estate sector, as well as to expand our investor base among other objectives.

With the use of this technology they will also be able to offer smaller investment products to qualified customers who would not otherwise have the opportunity to operate with Peakside. In addition, the Blockchain technology will provide an additional layer of security for investors.

The fund plans to raise a total of € 200 million (USD 226.6 million) in capital in the coming months.