www.Vippvi.com is an International Platform for publishing high-standing properties ads, dedicated to the sale, rental and exchange of luxury properties.

www.Vippvi.com allows you to publish ads for rent of your property by hour, day, week month and year. It also gives the opportunity to publish rental ads for factories, buildings in profitability, companies and other assets organized by category on the platform.

We know that investors in the luxury sector are usually people with little time available to search for different sites where to find an advertisement for a property appropriate to their needs, and that is why at www.Vippvi.com we limit our advertised properties from 100,000 euros of sale price. All those properties below that pricing price have no place in our platform, a fact that we understand is an exceptional first entry filter to eliminate those properties that we do not understand as “Deluxe”, in addition to having other platforms specialized in that kind of cheaper properties.

www.Vippvi.com is the first international advertising platform that allows you to exchange any type of property, such as hotels, buildings in profitability, farms, companies, factories, ships, airplanes or assets of any category that we have within the platform.

The exchange of properties is becoming more frequent and more fashionable, since there are investors or owners, who for work or other needs want to acquire properties in other countries and exchange them with their own in the country of origin.

In www.Vippvi.com you can advertise your properties, whether you are a private individual or professional in the real estate market, opting for the different packs that we put at your disposal. It also allows you to contact the advertiser through a chat that we have to be able to contact the property directly.

In www.Vippvi.com you will have access to multiple contacts in the luxury sector that can evaluate and inspect your property and see if it suits your needs.

From our platform, they will see you all over the world and you will be able to see properties all over the world, as it is a platform of real estate services worldwide, where an investor from Australia can contact an advertiser from Canada, for example, and reach an agreement of sale, rental, or exchange in a private way.

Welcome to www.Vippvi.com and hope your dreams come true!