XML Bulk Upload Service for Real Estate agencies: Automatic Import Property Listings to Vippvi.com

< XML Bulk Upload Service for Real Estate agencies: Automatic Import Property Listings to Vippvi.com

Step 1: Create an XML file (feed) – a structured, updated data file on your site. 

Step 2: Registration on vippvi.com. To upload the XML feed, you need to be a registered user of our site. Please note that the XML Feed Import service is only available for companies.

IMPORTANT once registered as a user, fill in the user profile by completing the fields company logo, telephone number, website, company address, etc.

Step 3: Submit a URL of the XML feed. Then fill in the form attaching the link and other fields.

After you add your XML feed, it will be verified and checked by our moderators.

When approved, the data from your XML feed will be automatically uploaded and updated on our website once per day. In “My Account” page under “Your Posted Ads” tab, you can manage the imported ads.

We also accept files in other formats. You can send us your file and we will consider the possibility of the data import in that format.If you have questions and suggestions regarding upload of XML ads on VIPPVI.COM, please contact us via contact form below.

** Only one XML ad feed for real estate agencies is free of charge. Each additional feed is paid service, the cost of which is included in the relevant tariff plan and is renewable monthly.*** Information aggregators and CMS systems have special premium connection conditions. The cost of the monthly payment depends on the total number of uploaded ads from the XML feed.

XML bulk upload form

XML Bulk Upload Form for Real Estate Agencies: Automatic Import of Property Listings to vippvi.com

Enter the username that has been registered in vippvi
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Email :
Enter the email that has been registered in vipovi
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XML feed :
Enter link of your created XML feed. Example: https://www.yourdomain.com/xml/kyero.php?f=5c6dfdssdfggf
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