Dubai: Dubai is all set to host the 12th edition of the annual Arab Strategy Forum (ASF 2019)

The event will run under the theme ‘Forecasting the Next Decade 2020-2030’. A series of panels and Q&A sessions with some of the world’s leading personalities on the political and economic stage, including former US Vice President Dick Cheney and former Lebanese Prime Minister Fouad Siniora, will examine the world’s geopolitical landscape in the 10 years ahead.

Within the context of current socio-political tensions, conflicts and issues, the forum will analyse their likely consequences to forecast what the world will look like by 2030 with the aim of charting a roadmap for today’s and tomorrow’s leaders in their preparations to achieve lasting stability, peace and harmony. The agenda reaffirms Dubai’s position as a pioneer in convening the globe’s prominent decision-makers to engage in meaningful dialogues that will shape the world that future generations inhabit.

ASF 2019 will also release three reports offering insights into the future: ‘The World in 2030 – Trends, Transformations, Opportunities and Challenges’, ‘11 Questions for the Next Decade’, and ‘Mosque & State: How Arabs See the Next 10 Years’.