Many initiatives are currently being taken to further improve trade relations between Qatar and Norway.

While Norway will continue to increase its participation in the Qatar food sector, there is ample room for cooperation between the two countries in sectors such as marine technology and defense industries.

The success of Norwegian companies in Qatar in the last 50 years has encouraged many other companies to expand in this market. There is also a free trade agreement between Qatar and Norway. Both countries have a good framework to boost bilateral trade. The two sides also have many similarities. All these factors will help to grow in the future in this regard.

Norway sees a lot of potential in Qatar and the two countries are expected to sign agreements to increase trade volume.

Expressing admiration for the development taking place in Qatar, he said that Norway is always open to share knowledge and technology with Qatar. On the other hand, Norway is also highlighted as an ideal place for investment.

The sovereign fund of Norway, the largest in the world, has focused on responsible investment. The Norwegian parliament decided that the fund would divest corporations that obtained more than 30 percent of their turnover or coal activity.