Penthouse Torrevieja ALICANTE Los altos for sale

Some novels need to be read at a specific age, in a specific mood, and in the right context and environment, neither before nor after, in order to enjoy and perceive all their nuances. In a way, this is what has happened to us with Nature Views.
The project that you now see before your eyes was already in our minds years ago, but for different reasons it was not the right time. Throughout all this time it has been acquiring along the way elements and improvements that have completed and enriched what we simply imagined, and after this necessary process of maturation, we now see it become a reality of which we feel tremendously proud.
For us, living means valuing and being part of the environment that surrounds us, because that is as important as the cement itself that joins all the elements of a work. When we chose the name Nature Views, and the colors pink and green, it was because we are fully aware that the stunning views of the Laguna Salada surrounded by citrus groves are, in fact, one of the main values of these homes.
White façade houses, sunny, and with a great natural lighting inside, clearly influenced by the most Mediterranean style. But also taking care to detail everything that is not perceived in such an obvious way, such as the materials used and the high quality finishes applied in its construction, and that are the result of the experience and the endorsement provided by more than 30 years creating homes.
The semi-detached villas stand out at first glance for the perfect balance that transmits the combination of straight, pure and minimalist lines, along with other more undulating and organic parts, which give the whole an elegant and refined look that will not go unnoticed by anyone. On its terrace you can enjoy your family evenings, sunbathing, or cooling off in the 10 m2 pool included.
If you finally decide on a duplex, you will have to choose between having views of the lagoon or the midday sun, and between upper or lower floor. In either case, you will have a fantastic home bathed in natural light, with a spacious living room that merges with the kitchen.
If you choose the top floor, you can enjoy the views or sunbathing in its large solarium. And if you opt for the first floor, to the terrace you must add a private basement that you can use as a guest house, as a playroom for children, or simply as that special space in which to enjoy with family and friends… You decide!
Whatever your choice, you will enjoy the experience of living in an exclusive residential complex full of large common areas of natural recreation, lush gardens, bio-healthy area, children’s playground, and of course, 2 large communal pools, one for adults and one for children.
In short, we offer you the possibility to live our Mediterranean lifestyle and make it completely yours. Because if we analyze it, Nature Views has practically everything to become that little piece of paradise overlooking your new life.

Welcome to hopping your dreams come true! Enjoy Vippvi