How to recognize a good investment advice

Everyone in the investment field wants to hear success stories from investors, whether it’s buying a house, helping their children pay for college or living a worry-free retirement. But these stories are far less common than they should be. Most investors simply do not get the results they deserve. According to some studies, just over…

Real Estate transactions in Dubai rise in 2019

  The value of real estate transactions in Dubai rose 33 percent to $9.26 billion in the first five months of the year, according to statistics from the Dubai Land Department. According to the data, the value of residential and commercial apartments’ deals reached $4.63 billion, while land purchase transactions stood at $3.81 billion. Deals…

Luxury property is not only about the money you spend

According to the designer based in New York, Andrew Kotchen, director of the design and architecture firm Workshop / APD, luxury has more to do with experience than with aesthetics. The firm of Kotchen has designed everything from lofts and townhouses to buildings and restaurants in the city of London, Bahamas, Miami, Nantucket, Aspen and…

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